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CyberSpaceLand Software Home Edition - Public Beta 0.1:

[October 2005: Sorry, for now I'm not maintaining CyberSpaceLand software home version. As a result, the version you download will work a little buggily with internet searches (because the search engine format changes from time to time.) Reasons I'm not maintaining it are a) lack of time, b) the software doesn't really reflect what the live show is like and therefore misleads people, and c) the CyberSpaceLand live show has gradually moved away from any focus on web searches, which is a central feature of the home version and is the thing that requires periodic maintenance. But if you have a question or request, please feel free to mail me anyway! We now return you to our regularly scheduled webpage:]

June 7, 2004

Perform a search engine! Now, you can enjoy the home version of the same software VJ Übergeek uses in her live CyberSpaceLand VJ shows - without the smokey club haze! Join the Textperience!

Plus, some added bonus features....

* Music visualizer option: Let CyberSpaceLand bop along to your favorite mp3's! (See examples here.)

* Bored with e-mail? CyberSpaceLand's companion program, CyberPOP, brings your e-mail to life with the same delightful visual and sound features as CyberSpaceLand. Perform your e-mail! And make reading mail a much more colorful experience...

* Want CyberSpaceLand to work with some other kind of text? CyberSpaceLand works with external text-generating programs and scripts. So if you're able to do some coding, you can further customize your psychedelic Textperience.

* And yes, it's freeware!

Ready to give CyberSpaceLand or CyberPOP a whirl?

Download CyberSpaceLand (5.9 MB)
Download CyberPOP (5.7 MB)

Note: CyberPOP is an experimental version based on CyberSpaceLand. In other words, it's a bit clunky. I recommend you try CyberSpaceLand first, and then try CyberPOP if you'd like to enter the wonderful world of colorful e-mail software.

Sorry, CyberSpaceLand is only available for Windows at the moment. Hoping to do a Mac release in the not-too-distant future!

Bug reports, questions, comments?

Please contact:
bugs ~at+

CyberSpaceLand Home Edition: Textperience it...

P.S. Also check out VJ Übergeek's Extreme Whitespace! well as more of the fun at