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A Short Text about CyberSpaceLand:

VJ Übergeek is the Live Internet VJ for the Geek Age. Computer culture, nerdy lovechild of the business and tech worlds, clashes with pop and leisure culture daily. The result: leisure culture seems increasingly like work. But what if we take a different approach? VJ Übergeek's "CyberSpaceLand" turns strange search engine queries into fun-and-funky club visuals while revealing the possibly poignant poetry people place on the net. And it turns tedious typing into a kinetic performance! An all-text video mix, CyberSpaceLand is generated in real-time by slightly chaotic algorithms and a human VJ performing with slightly chaotic taped-on gadgetry. VJ'ing goes unplugged!

CyberSpaceLand: Post-dot-com entertainment.



A Somewhat Lengthier Text about CyberSpaceLand

It's hard to tell work from play anymore. We seem always to be working - even when we're playing. The tools of work have become the tools of leisure - and so leisure has become virtually indiscernible from work. Coffeehouse culture is lattes and laptops. Club performances have gone clerical, with laptops replacing guitars, drums, and other thrashables.

Übergeek is The Live Internet VJ for the Geek Age - determined to transform the tools of technical toil into contraptions of coolness, thus providing a newly-confused vision of pop culture. Armed with air mouse, mobile keyboard and swanky clothes, Übergeek (Amy Alexander) performs a search engine. She inputs a search term into her custom search engine VJ software, and search engine results interactively animate in psychedelic colors and patterns ranging from Fischinger to Pong. Slightly hyperactive Übergeek drives the visuals by banging away on a gaffer-taped Body Keyboard and conducts the swirling text with her trusty remote control. A few other geek toys, ranging from joysticks to Dance Dance Revolution pads also make occasional appearances as Übergeek uses them to (hyper)actively control the imagery. (These devices come in amazingly handy when one has run out of typing fingers...) And the music's got a good beat you can dance to.

It's sort of data visualization in reverse: The "literary voices" of the internet (aka the real stuff people say online) are center stage. Search for single words like "love" or "peace" and the results are predictable. But search on "I've had problems with Prozac" or "I've never smoked that" and a different story emerges... It's the stuff you don't normally find on Google, tales from the desktop spun into the club.

CyberSpaceLand: Critical Eye Candy. Or Something.



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CyberSpaceLand Credits:

VJ Übergeek: Amy Alexander
Programming: Amy Alexander, Peter Brinson
Additional contributions: Peter Traub, Hillary Kapan, Charles Forman,
Ang Siow Chen
Website: Ben Benjamin