CyberSpaceLand and it's older sibling, b0timati0n
CyberSpaceLand concert photo

  The Live Internet VJ....
for The Geek Age.

CyberSpaceLand is a VJ performance with some software, several gadgets, some network packets and a person who moves around a lot operating it all. VJ Übergeek enters queries into the CyberSpaceLand search engine, on topics ranging from cheerful memes to existential angst. The search results become live-animated on-screen visuals: funky, fluffy, and maybe even cool. Hyperactive Übergeek controls the visuals in realtime with a variety of gadgets ranging from dance pads to drumsticks.

Amy Alexander (VJ Übergeek) has performed CyberSpaceLand in a variety of venues from nightclubs to festivals to museums to the streets. Performances vary with the setting, ranging from more theatrical and character-based to laid-back and ambient. The content and visuals have evolved over the years, and no two performances are ever the same.

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CyberSpaceLand Components:

  • Real Hip Hyperactive Realtime Visuals generated by a...
  • Live, Hyperactive VJ Übergeek
  • PC
  • Air Mouse and Air Keyboard
  • FIFOSY (FIFOSY Is Foot Operated Software, Ya-know) (illustration)
  • An Oft-Changing Array of Gadgety Yet Functional Hand and Foot-operated Geek VJ Toys to control the visuals and keep Übergeek out of trouble
  • Performable Search Engine
  • Strange Texts from Real Life



Live Videos and Showreel!
can be found on the video page as well as links to more!


  CyberSpaceLand show picture
CyberSpaceLand show


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CyberSpaceLand show picture
Live Pix

and a full show list of the CyberSpaceLand Textperience in action!.


  Stelarc is obsolete - he got fragged at a LAN party...

- Übergeek

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